addressable smoke and heat detector with isolator M140IS

Addressable Heat smoke Detector Model M140 IS
امکانات و قابلیت‌ها:Features and capabilities:
  • دارای ایزولاتور داخلی:جهت حفاظت در برابر اتصال کوتاه
  • تشخیص همزمان دود و حرارت:جهت شرایط مختلف محیطی
  • دارای 4 سطح تنظیم حساسیت دود:جهت کاهش آلارم کاذب
  • دارای قابلیت Auto Drift:جهت کاهش آلارم کاذب
  • قابلیت Find Device:جهت پیدا کردن آسان قطعه
  • آدرس دهی دیجیتال:جهت سهولت در تغییر آدرس
  • قابلیت Clean Me Now:جهت هشدار کثیفی دتکتور
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Addressable smoke and heat detector Teletek, model M140 IS, is 2 detectors in one detector.

This detector is simultaneously sensitive to smoke and sudden increase in heat caused by fire.

The Teletek smoke and heat (combined) detector is connected to the addressable loop through the TTE protocol.

This detector has a built-in isolator, which means your fire alarm equipment will be protected against short circuits.

Product Pros:
  • Very beautiful and stylish design
  • Made in Europe according to the latest European standard EN54-5/EN54-7
  • Approved by Tehran Fire Department
  • Four years warranty

Addressable smoke and heat detector with insulator (multi) is one of the types of fire alarm detector.

The combined detector is a smoke detector and a heat detector, which is simultaneously sensitive to both fire components, i.e. smoke and heat.

You can adjust the sensitivity of smoke detector and heat detector separately.

The combined detector is suitable for places with the possibility of fire causing smoke with low dust and heat at the same time.

This detector has a built-in isolator, which means your fire alarm equipment will be protected against short circuits.

Product Features


Teletek Electronics


M140 IS

Detector type

addressable point

Sensor type

Optical smoke and heat

Protocol type

Teletek TTE


White, Black

Internal insulator


Ability to adjust sensitivity


Electronic addressing



EN 54-5/EN 54-7



+ گارانتی محصول چند سال است؟

گارانتی این محصول 5 سال است.

+  امکان تعویض یا مرجوع کردن محصول وجود دارد؟

در صورتی که کارتن کالا باز نشده باشد، بله.

آیا در طول مدت استفاده نیاز به سرویس دارد؟

بله، بر اساس دستورالعمل موجود در سایت، هر سال دتکتور را تمیز نمایید.

طول عمر دتکتور ترکیبی چند سال است؟

بر اساس دستورالعمل تولید کننده، پس از 10 سال می بایست دتکتور تعویض شود.

آیا این دتکتور با سایر پانل‌های اعلام حریق آدرس پذیر سازگار است؟

خیر. برندهای اعلام حریق آدرس پذیر دارای پروتکل اختصاصی هستند و با هم سازگار نیستند.

+ How many years is the product warranty?

The warranty of this product is 4 years.

+Is it possible to exchange or return the product?

If the product carton is not opened, yes.

+ Does it need service during the period of use?

Yes, according to the instructions on the site, clean the detector every year.

+How many years is the lifetime of the combined detector?

According to the manufacturer's instructions, the detector must be replaced after 10 years.

+ Is this detector compatible with other addressable fire alarm panels?

no Brands of addressable fire alarms have proprietary protocols and are not compatible with each other.

Teletek Electronics

Teletek Electronics Company was established in 1991 in Sofia, Bulgaria. This company produces a wide range of fire alarm and burglar alarm equipment. During 32 years of operation, more than 60 million of Teletek Electronics products have been exported to 86 countries around the world.

The secret of Teletek Electronics' time has been the development of quality products based on the correct understanding of the market's needs. The research and development team of this company has developed more than 395 products in the field of fire alarm and burglar alarm.

The reputation of the Teletek Electronics brand is due to the introduction of high quality products with European standards and competitive prices. This brand is more known in Iran for its addressable fire alarm system and PIR sensors.

All products of this brand have a 4-year warranty and 10-year after-sales service. One of the most important reasons for the success of the Teletek Electronics brand in Iran has been the satisfactory and continuous after-sales service over the past 15 years. While many European fire alarm and burglar alarm brands have stopped providing their services to Iran, the Teletek Electronics brand continues to provide after-sales services without interruption.

All Teletek Electronics brand fire alarm products are approved by the fire department of Tehran and big cities and have been used in many of the largest national projects.


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